Personal/Social Issues

Personal/Social Issues

Today’s teens deal with a variety of “stuff." The following are sites for parents and students wanting to become more informed about certain issues.

PLEASE – contact the school counselor if you have concerns about a friend, student, or parent.


Concerned about a child or a friend? Don’t know where to turn? These hotlines might help!

Child Abuse / Neglect  = 1-800-652-1999

Suicide = 1-800-Suicide (1-800-784-2433)

Boys Town Runaway /Suicide Help Line = 1-800-448-3000


Eating Disorders / Body Image Two sites on positive body image and healthy eating habits. A lot of information for teens on eating disorders – signs, symptoms, causes and recovery.  Questionnaire included.

Suicide Prevention Very informative site on myths, signs, symptoms and treatment.

Substance Abuse Excellent site!  interactive self-quizzes, a message board and teens relating their stories about addiction and abuse.

Self Harm / Injury Both sites have a lot of information on cutting and other forms of self-injury.  Talk about why people injure themselves and possible treatments.

Self Esteem A good website that covers a variety of topics related to teens.  This site is for parents AND students.  Check out the “self-esteem” link.

Bullying / Harassment Deals more with middle school bullying issues.  Good elementary interactive site. Search for “harassment." Click on “Guide To Internet Safety”.  Great site for parents – provides some real understanding on cyberbullying and how to protect kids. More for female teens.

Anxiety / Mood Disorders (BiPolar, Depression, ADD/HD, Conduct Disorders, etc.) These sites hold some valuable information on many disorders often diagnosed in teens.  Good parent AND student sites.


Child Abuse/Neglect

Stress Management Stress Test and step-by-step management.

Teen Pregnancy A very frank and open site about the issue!!  Site is designed for teens.




While we take strides in monitoring the sites we recommend to students in our district, site names and links change on a constant basis.  We neither endorse, recommend or agree with everything on a particular site.  Enter these sites at your own risk.

Should you encounter a site with anything you deem inappropriate or offensive, please contact me immediately.