Board Policies




100                  District Organization and Basic Commitments

     100.01             Terminology Used in this Manual

     101.00             Legal Status of the School District

     102.00             Educational Philosophy of the District

     103.00             Equal Educational Opportunity

     104.00             Educational and Operational Planning

     104.01             Annual School Census



200                  School Board

201                  Legal Status of the School Board

     201.01             Board Powers and Responsibilities

     201.02             Board Membership  - Elections/Appointment

     201.03             Qualifications

     201.04             Oath of Office

     201.05             Term of Office

     201.06             Vacancies

     201.07             Board Member Liability (Insurance)


202                  School Board Member Conduct

     202.01             Board Member Code of Ethics

     202.02             Board Member Conflict of Interest

     202.02E1         Potential Conflict of Interest Statement

     202.02E2         Employment of Immediate Family Members Disclosure Statement  

    202.02E3         Contractual Interest Statement


203                  Organization of the School Board

     203.01             Board Organizational Meeting

     203.02             President

     203.03             Vice President

    203.04             Secretary

     203.05             Treasurer

     203.06             Board Committees

     203.07             Advisory Board Committees

     203.08             School Board Legal Counsel


204                  School Board Meetings

     204.01             Regular Board Meetings

     204.02             Special Board Meetings

     204.03             Public Hearings

     204.05             Open Meetings

     204.06             Closed Sessions

     204.07             Meeting Notice

    204.08             Quorum

     204.09             Rules of Order

     204.10             Agenda

     204.11             Meeting Minutes

     204.12             Public Participation at Board Meetings


205                  School Board Policy Process

     205.01             Policy Development

     205.02             Policy Adoption

     205.03             Policy Revision and Review

     205.04             Policy Communication

     205.05             Policy Suspension

    205.06             Administration in the Absence of Policy


206                  Board Member Services

     206.01             New Board Member Orientation

     206.02             Board Association Membership

     206.03             Board Member Development Opportunities

     206.04             Board Member Compensation and Expenses


300                  Administration

301                  Administrative Structure

     301.04             Communication Channels


302                  Superintendent

     302.01             Superintendent Qualifications, Recruitment, Appointment

     302.02             Superintendent Contract and Contract Nonrenewal

     302.03             Superintendent Salary and Other Compensation

     302.04             Superintendent Duties

     302.05             Superintendent Evaluation

     302.08             Superintendent Consulting/Outside Employment


303                  Administrative Employees

     303.02             Administrator Qualifications, Recruitment, Appointment

     303.03             Administrator Contract and Contract Nonrenewal

     303.05             Administrator Duties

     303.06             Administrator Evaluation

    303.09             Administrator Consulting/Outside Employment


304                  Policy Implementation

     304.03             Handbooks and Directives



400                  Personnel

402                  Employees and Internal Relations

     402.01             Equal Opportunity Employment

     402.02             Employee Orientation

     402.03             Employee Conflict of Interest

     402.04             Nepotism

     402.05             Employee Grievances

     402.06             Employee Records

     402.08             Employee Travel Compensation

     402.09             Recognition for Service of Employees

     402.10             Employee Political Activity

     402.11             Credit Cards

     402.15             Staff Conduct With Students

     402.16             Prohibition on Aiding and Abetting Sexual Abuse

     402.17             Workplace Privacy

     402.18             Use of District Facilities and Equipment by Employees


403                  Employees and Outside Relations

     403.01             Release of Employee Information

     403.02             Child Abuse Reporting

     403.02R1        Child Abuse Reporting Regulation

     403.03             Abuse of Students by School District Employees

     403.03R1        Abuse by Employees Regulation

     403.03E1         Abuse Complaint Form

     403.03E2         Witness Disclosure Form

     403.04             Gifts to Employees

     403.05             Public Complaints about Employees

     403.07             Employee Use of Social Networks

     403.07R1        Guidelines for Employee Use of Social Networks

     403.08             Employee Fundraising

     403.50             Participation in the Community


404                  Employee Health and Well-Being

     404.01             Employee Physical Examinations

     404.02             Employee Injury on the Job

     404.03             Employees’ Personal Security and Safety

     404.04             Communicable Diseases - Employees

     404.05             Hazardous Chemical Disclosure

     404.06             Harassment by Employees

     404.06R1       Employee Harassment Investigation

     404.06E1         Harassment Complaint Form

     404.06E2         Harassment Witness Form

     404.07             Substance-Free Workplace

    404.08             Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

     404.09             Injured Employee Alternative Duty Review

     404.10             Disclosure and Protection of Employee Health Information

     404.11             Facilities for Milk Expression


405.00             Employee Conduct and Appearance


406                  Certificated Employees - General

     406.02             Certificated Employee Qualifications, Recruitment, and Selection

     406.03             Certificated Employee Individual Contracts

     406.04             Certificated Employee Continuing Contracts

     406.05             Certificated Employee Work Days

     406.06             Certificated Employee Assignment

     406.07             Certificated Employee Transfers

     406.08             Certificated Employee Evaluation

     406.09             Certificated Employee Probationary Status/Tenure


407                  Certificated Employee Compensation and Benefits

     407.01             Certificated Employee Salary Schedule

     407.03             Certificated Employee Continued Education Credit/Credentials

     407.04             Certificated Employee Compensation for Extra Duty

     407.06             Certificated Employee Tax Shelter Programs

     407.07             Certificated Employee Negotiations

     407.50             Certificated Employee Insurance and Annuities


408                  Certificated Employee Termination of Employment

     408.01             Certificated Employee Resignation

     408.03             Certificated Employee Retirement

     408.04             Certificated Employee Suspension or Termination

     408.05             Certificated Employee Reduction in Force


409                  Certificated Employee Professional Growth

     409.01             Certificated Employee Professional Development

     409.02             Certificated Employee Training, Workshops, or Conferences

     409.05             Certificated Employee Tutoring

     409.50             Certificated Employee Professional Organizations


410                  Certificated Employee Vacations and Leaves of Absence

     410.01             Certificated Employee Vacation, Holidays and Personal Leave

     410.02             Certificated Employee Personal Illness Leave

     410.03             Certificated Employee Family and Medical Leave

     410.03R1        Certificated Employee Family and Medical Leave Regulation

     410.04             Certificated Employee Bereavement Leave

     410.06             Certificated Employee Jury Duty Leave

     410.07             Certificated Employee Military Service Leave

     410.08             Certificated Employee Unpaid Leave


411                  Other Certified Employees

     411.01             Substitute Teachers

     411.05             Student Teachers


412                  Support Staff - General

     412.01             Support Staff Defined

     412.02             Support Staff Qualifications, Recruitment, Selection

     412.03             Support Staff Contracts

     412.04             Support Staff Licensing/Certification

     412.05             Support Staff Assignment

     412.06             Support Staff Transfers

     412.07             Support Staff Evaluation


413                  Support Staff Compensation and Benefits

     413.01             Support Staff Compensation

     413.02             Support Staff Wage and Overtime Compensation

     413.03             Support Staff Group Insurance Benefits


414                  Support Staff Termination of Employment

     414.01             Support Staff Resignation

     414.02             Support Staff Retirement

     414.04             Support Staff Dismissal


415                  Support Staff Vacations and Leaves of Absence

     415.01             Support Staff Vacations, Holidays and Personal Leave

     415.02             Support Staff Personal Illness Leave

     415.03             Support Staff Family and Medical Leave

     415.03R1        Support Staff Family and Medical Leave Regulation

     415.04             Support Staff Bereavement Leave

     415.06             Support Staff Jury Duty Leave

     415.07             Support Staff Military Service Leave

     415.08             Support Staff Unpaid Leave


500                  Students

501.00             Objectives for Equal Educational Opportunities for Students


502                  Student Admissions

    502.01             Resident Students

     502.02             Nonresident Students

     502.03             Entrance - Admissions

     502.04             Attendance Center Assignment

     502.05             Student Transfers In

     502.06             Student Transfers Out

     502.07             Student Re-entry to School

     502.08             Exchange and Foreign Student Admissions

     502.10             Assignment of New Students to Classes and Grade Levels



503                  Student Attendance

     503.01             Compulsory Attendance

     503.02             Student Attendance Records

     503.03             Student Absences - Excused

     503.04             Addressing Barriers to Attendance

     503.05             Student Release During School Hours

     503.07             Pregnant Students

     503.08             Married Students or Students with Children

    503.09             Homeless Children and Youth


504                  Student Rights and Responsibilities

     504.01             Student Due Process Rights

     504.03             Student Conduct

     504.04             Student Conduct on School Buses

     504.05             Student Vehicles

     504.07             Care of School Property and Vandalism

     504.08             Freedom of Expression

     504.09             Student Lockers

     504.11             Weapons

     504.12             Regulated Devices - Beepers, Cell Phones, and Laser Pointers

     504.14             Hazing, Initiation, Secret Societies or Gang Activity

     504.15             Smoking, Drinking, or Drugs

     504.16             Searches, Seizures and Arrests

     504.17             Questioning of Students by Outside Agencies

     504.18             Harassment by Students

     504.18R1        Harassment by Students Investigation Procedures

     504.18E1         Harassment Complaint Form

     504.18E2         Witness Disclosure Form

     504.19             Student Fees

     504.19E1         Student Fee Waiver Application

     504.20            Bullying Prevention

     504.21             Dating Violence Prevention

     504.22             Student Use of Social Networks

     504.23             Suicide Awareness                                                


505                  Student Discipline

     505.03             Student Discipline

    505.05             Fines for Lost or Damaged Items

     505.06             Corporal Punishment

     505.07             Restraint and Seclusion


506                  Student Activities

     506.01             Student Activity Eligibility

     506.02             Student Organizations

    506.06             Student Publications

     506.07             Student Performances

     506.08             Student Fund Raising

     506.10             Student Physicals for Athletics

     506.50             Social Events

     506.51             Intramural Activities

    506.52             Contests for Students


507                  Student Records

     507.01             Student Records Access

     507.02             Student Directory Information

     507.02E1         Authorization for Releasing Student Directory Information


508                  Student Health and Well-Being

     508.01             Student Health and Immunization Checkups

     508.01E1         School Vision Evaluation Form

     508.01E2         Resource List for Low-Income Families Who May Qualify

                                  For Free or Reduced Cost Vision Evaluations

     508.01E3         Parent Objection to Physical Examination or Vision Evaluation

    508.01E4         School Immunization Rules

     508.01E5         Emergency Information Form

     508.02             Administration of Medication to Students

    508.02E1         Medication Authorization and Release Form

     508.03             Communicable or Infectious Diseases

     508.04             Student Illness or Injury at School

     508.04R1        Basic First Aid Procedures

     508.06             Student Insurance

     508.07             Custody and Parental Rights

     508.12             Asthma and Allergic Reaction Protocol

     508.12R1        Asthma and Allergic Reaction Protocol

     508.12E1         Waiver of Emergency Response to Life-Threatening Asthma or

                                  Systemic Allergic Reactions Protocol

     508.13             Wellness and Nutrition

     508.15             Concussion Awareness


509                  Other Student Related Matters

     509.01             Class or Student Group Gifts

     509.02             Open Night

     509.03             Student and Staff Memorials


600                  Instruction

602                  General Organization

     602.01             School Calendar

     602.02             School Day


603                  Curriculum Development

     603.01             Curriculum Development

     603.02             Curriculum Adoption

    603.04             Curriculum Evaluation


604                  Instructional Curriculum

     604.01             Basic Instruction Program

     604.02             Summer School Instruction

     604.04            Multicultural Education

     604.05             Health Education

     604.09             Teaching about Religion

     604.10             Academic Freedom

     604.11             Citizenship

     604.12             Global Education

     604.13             Promoting Student Resilience

     604.14             Reading Instruction Program


605                 Alternative Programs

     605.03             Program for High Ability Learners

     605.05             Religious Based Exclusion from a School Program             

    605.07             Part-Time Enrollment


606                  Instructional Materials

     606.01             Instructional Materials Selection

     606.02             Instructional Materials Inspection

     606.03             Objection to Instructional Materials

     606.06             Acceptable Use of Computers, Technology and the Internet

     606.06R1        Student Use of Computers, Technology and the Internet

     606.06R2        Staff Use of Computers, Technology and the Internet

     606.06R3        Community Use of Computers, Technology and the Internet

     606.06E1         Internet and E-mail Access Permission Letter to Parents

     606.06E2         Student Acceptable Use Agreement

    606.06E3         Internet Appropriate Use Violation Notice

     606.06E4         Staff Acceptable Use Agreement

     606.06E5         Community Acceptable Use Agreement

     606.08             Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials

     606.08R1        Copyright Compliance Procedures

    606.09             Textbook Loans To Children Enrolled In Private Schools


607                 Instructional Arrangements

     607.01             Class Size - Class Grouping

     607.02             School Ceremonies and Observances

     607.05             Student Field Trips and Excursions

     607.09             Service Animals

     607.50             Student Assistance Teams


610                 Testing

     610.01             Test or Assessment Selection

     610.02             Test or Assessment Administration

    610.02R1        Testing Integrity


611                  Academic Achievement

    611.01             Student Progress Reports

     611.02             Student Promotion, Retention or Acceleration

     611.03             Student Honors and Awards

     611.07             Graduation Requirements

     611.09             Commencement


612                  Special Education Services

     612.01             Free Appropriate Public Education

     612.02             Full Educational Opportunity Goal

     612.03             Childfind

     612.04             Evaluation Procedures

     612.05             Individualized Education Program

     612.06             Transition of Children

     612.07             Participation in State and District Wide Assessments

     612.08             Least Restrictive Environment

     612.09             Children in Nonpublic Schools

     612.10             Procedural Safeguards

     612.11             Transportation

     612.12             Personnel Qualifications

     612.13             Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information

     612.14             Suspension and Expulsion Rates

     612.15             Access to Instructional Materials

     612.16             Over-Identification and Disproportionality

     612.17             Prohibition on Mandatory Medication


700                 Business Operation

702                  Annual Budget

     702.01             Fiscal Year

     702.02             Budget Planning, Preparation and Schedules

     702.03             Budget Adoption Process


703.00             Management of Capital Reserves


704                  Accounting System

     704.01             Deposits and Transfers

     704.02             Financial Records with GASB

    704.03             Inventories

     704.04             Audits

     704.04E1         Prevention of Misuse of Taxpayer Funds Notice

     704.05             Settlement of Claims


705                  Revenue

     705.01             Local, State, Federal or Miscellaneous Revenue

     705.03             Free Admissions Passes

     705.04             Gifts, Grants and Bequests

     705.50             Sale of Bonds


706                  Expenditure

     706.01             Purchasing Procedures

     706.02             Petty Cash

     706.03             Bidding Procedures

     706.04             Vendor Relations

706.06             Payment for Goods and Services

706.50             Contracting for Services


707                  Payroll

     707.01             Payroll Procedures

     707.02             Salary Deductions


708                  Employee Benefits Administration

     708.01             Insurance Program


800      Support Services

801                  Transportation

     801.01             Student Transportation

     801.02             Special Education Student Transportation

     801.03             Bus Scheduling and Routing

     801.04             Bus Safety Program

     801.05             Bus Driver Supervision

    801.06             Student Transportation for Extracurricular Activities

     801.07             Summer School Program Transportation Service

     801.10             Transportation in Inclement Weather

     801.12             Student Transportation in Private Vehicles


802                  School Food Services

     802.01             School Food Program

     802.04             Food Service Records and Reports

     802.05             Free or Reduced Cost Meals Eligibility

     802.07             School Food Procurement


804                  Data Management

     804.01             Computer and Data Security

     804.02             Data or Records Retention

     804.03             E-Mail Retention


805                  Risk Management

     805.01             Insurance



900                  Buildings and Sites

902                  Site Acquisition and Building Construction

     902.01             Buildings and Sites Long Range Planning

     902.02             Construction Plans and Specifications

     902.03             Site Acquisition

     902.04             Bids and Awards for Construction Contracts

     902.50             Construction Financing

     902.51             Use of Contract Services


903                  Maintenance, Operation and Management

     903.01             Security

     903.02             Access to Buildings

     903.03             Maintenance Schedule

     903.06             Buildings and Grounds - Records and Reports

     903.07             Traffic and Parking Procedures


904                  Selling and Leasing

     904.02             Lease, Sale or Disposal of School District Property


905                  Safety Program

     905.01             Facilities Inspections

     905.02             Annual Emergency Safety Plan

     905.02E2         Crisis ?Response Plan

     905.06             Accident Reports

     905.07             Safety Drills

     905.08             School Closings and Cancellations

     905.09             Eye Protective Devices

     905.50             School Safety and Security

     905.51             Threat Assessment and Response

     905.52             Crisis Team Duties


1000                Community/Educational Agency Relations

1002.00           District Annual Report


1003.0             Public Examination of District Records


1004                Press, Radio and Television News Media

     1004.02           Press Releases, Conferences and Interviews


1005                Public Participation in the School District

    1005.01           Public Complaints

     1005.03           Parental and Family Involvement in the Schools

     1005.04           Community Relations Goals

     1005.07           Visitors to School

     1005.08           Public Conduct on School Premises

     1005.10           Distribution or Posting of Materials

     1005.11           Volunteers in the Schools

     1005.12           Title 1 Parent and Family Member Engagement


1006                Use of District Facilities and Equipment

     1006.01           Community Use of School District Buildings, Sites and Equipment

     1006.02           Tobacco-Free Environment