High School Student Scholarships


*** I will post scholarships here as I receive them. Please be vigilant in checking this site for all the updates and new scholarships/information. 

Websites to use as search tools for scholarships: 

Random scholarships - look through and find ones that work for you - https://www.mometrix.com/blog/scholarships-for-college/

Scholarship website - There are over 135; however, I will say many don't apply to the Pleasanton students. I was able to see a few that some Pleasanton kids could apply to if you want to look through them. The majority of the scholarships was for Hall County residents and graduates from Grand Island schools. It is worth looking through and applying for the ones that the students can though. Scholarship directory - see what scholarships are offered - http://www.gicf.org/scholarships/directory Create an account here and apply for the scholarships - https://www.grantinterface.com/Home/Logon?urlkey=gicfscholarship

Educationquest.org's ScholarshipSearch:  
Scholarships360:  Twitter (@scholarships360) 
Cappex Scholarship Search
College Board Scholarship Search
Scholarship Monkey


1. Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship - Deadline Nov. 15
https://www.elks.org/scholars/scholarships/mvs.cfm - Click Apply Now for application
- Must be a HS student
- Must be a US Citizen
- Does not need to be a member of the Elks (or related to someone who is)

2. Horatio Alger Scholarship - Deadline October 25
To be eligible to apply for any of the Horatio Alger Undergraduate Scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:
Be enrolled full time as a high school senior in the United States; be progressing normally toward graduation in spring/summer of 2021 with plans to enter a college in the United States no later than the fall following graduation
Exhibit a strong commitment to pursue and complete a bachelor’s degree at an accredited non-profit public or private institution in the United States (students may start their studies at a two-year institution and then transfer to a four-year institution)
Demonstrate critical financial need ($55,000 or lower adjusted gross family income is required)
Be involved in co-curricular and community service activities
Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity
Maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0; and
Be a United States citizen

3. Hagan Scholarship - Deadline November 15
You must apply for the FAFSA first. The FAFSA application doesn't open until October 1. 
You must have a $6,500 or less Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA report. 
Other requirements:
1. ACT and SAT scores are not required.
2. Must attend an Eligible Public High School.
3. FAFSA EFC must not exceed $6,500.  
4. Must be a U.S. Citizen.
5. Must have achieved a 3.75 CGPA using a 4.0 Scale.
6. Must be ranked by the school and in the top 20% of the high school graduating class.
7. Must enroll at an eligible four-year college or university the first semester following high school graduation.
8. Must work 240 hours in the twelve months prior to the start of each year of college.
9. Must apply for eligible Federal and State grants.
10. Must not have a felony conviction.

4. Aspiring Nurse Scholarship - Deadline August 31
A track record of academic excellence, particularly in science and mathematics
A passion for the nursing profession and the overall field of healthcare
$1,000 award

5. Quest Bridge - Deadline September 27
Demonstrate academic excellence; need based

6. Wendy's Heisman - Deadline October 2
 $1,000 - $10,000 award 
"B" average; participate in at least one school-sponsored sport

7. United States Senate Youth Program - Deadline October 4
Student will take a test

8. Young Arts - Deadline October 13
$10,000 maximum award
voice, writing, jazz, photography, dance, visual arts, music, theatre, cinematic arts, design arts

9. Nebraska Wesleyan University - Writers Workshop and Scholarship Event - Deadline October 26
Compete for a $10,000 Aspiring Writers Scholarship ($2,500 x 4 years) or a $4,000 Writers Recognition Scholarship ($1,000 x 4 years)

10. APIASF Scholarship Programs - Deadline October 31 
One thousand scholarships are available to African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American or Hispanic American students. You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher (on an unweighted 4.0 scale), have demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service, extracurricular and other activities and be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant.

11. VFW Voice of Democracy Contest - Deadline October 31
"My Vision for America"  audio-essay contest

12. Wichita State University - Deadline November 1
 $52,000 scholarships - GPA 3.5 and ACT 24 or SAT 1090

13. Ron Brown Scholar - Deadline November 1
Must be Black/African American, excel academically, exhibit exceptional leadership potential, participate in community service activities and demonstrate financial need.

14. Valparaiso University Lutheran Leader Scholarship and Intern Program - Deadline November and December 1

15. Indiana University Dean's Scholarship - Deadline November 1
Out-of-state freshmen awarding $1,000 to $11,000 per year

16. Dr. Pepper Scholarship - Deadline November 3
You must be a U.S. legal resident of an Eligible State and within the age eligibility of 18 to 24 years old.
You are not eligible if you or a member of your immediate family or household (whether or not related) is an:
(A) employee, officer or director of any Promotion Party
(B) owner/operator or person responsible for purchasing or promotion decisions at retailers of Sponsor products. You must not be an active NCAA collegiate athlete (any division) in any sport, nor played professional, semi-professional, or Division I collegiate football at any time.
“Immediate family” means spouses, parents, children, siblings and step-parents/children/siblings, whether or not living at the same residence.
Up to $100,000 in tuition: Dr Pepper will select finalists to throw for the prize at a College Football Conference Championship game this year.
Five (5) $100,000 Tuition Prizes (one at each Grand Prize Game)
Five (5) $25,000 Runner-Up Prizes (one per Grand Prize Game)
Ten (10) $2,500 Consolation Prizes (two per Grand Prize Game)

17. Prudential Spirit of Community Awards - Deadline November 6
Recognizes students who have made meaningful contributions to their communities through volunteer services

18. Jack Kent Cooke Foundation - Deadline November 14
Up to $40,000 per year
High achieving seniors with financial need, Test Scores, High Grades, Community Service

19. Wayne State College of Art & Design - Deadline November 15
Candidates must be seeking an Art & Design degree at Wayne State with a concentration in Studio Art, Graphic Design, or K-12 Art Education.

20. UNK Department of Art - Deadline November 16
Going into the art program - portfolio required
Must apply and be admitted to Kearney

21Nebraska Wesleyan University Art Scholarship - Deadline December 1
Prospective students attend an NWU Art Exhibition and compete for a scholarship. Two students will receive a $10,000 ($2,500 per year) Best of Show Scholarship.Selected participants will receive a $4,000 ($1,000 per year) Art Talent Scholarship.

22. Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship - Deadline December 1
The Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program provides 3- and 4-year scholarships in three different types to high school seniors. The application process is the same for each type.

23. The Harry and Reba Huge Foundation at Nebraska Wesleyan - Deadline December 1
Huge-NWU Scholarship - 1 full tuition, fees, room and board for four years. 27 ACT and 3.5 GPA

24. KHOP Scholarship - Deadline December 1
Enter a medical program at UNK


25. RHOP Scholarship at Chadron- Deadline December 1
attending Chadron State College - Have to be going into a health profession


26. RHOP at Wayne - Deadline December 1
Going into Health profession at Wayne.


27. KLOP, RLOP, - Deadline December 1
Entering into law professions at the schools
Kearney -
Wayne - https://www.wsc.edu/rlop

28. AXA Achievement - Deadline December 15
Scholarships of $10,000 and $25,000 with a winner in every state - only the first 10,000 applications accepted

29. Burger King Scholarship - Deadline December 15
GPA 2.0; be passionate about serving your community and senior working at Burger King or the child of an employee

30. Marie Curie Scholarship (attending College of St. Mary) - Deadline December 15
$20,000 for 4 years for any Biology, Chemistry and Math majors. Minimum requirements are a 3.5 GPA and a 23 ACT score.

31. UNO: Walter Scott Jr. Scholarship - Deadline December 15
MAXIMUM AWARD:  Room & Board, Books, Laptop, Fees
ACT score of 30 or higher, 
3.5 cumulative GPA, demonstrated leadership abilities
For degree programs in the College of Engineering, Peter Kiewit Institute, or College of Information Science & Technology

32. Nebraska Wesleyan Stem Scholarship - Deadline December 15
For students planning on declaring a major in a STEM field, Have a high school cumulative GPA average of 3.25 or higher on a 4.0 GPA scale and an ACT composite score of 23 with math and science sub-scores no lower than 25. 500 word essay, demonstrate the need for financial aid.

33. Hotelscheap.org Scholarship - Deadline December 15
$1,500 scholarship and Need based awarded.

34. Get Real About Distracted Driving - Deadline December 31 and again May 31
Design an advertisement to promote driving without distractions and pledge to not drive distracted.

35. Centris Federal Credit Union - Deadline December 31
Community service academic accomplishments & personal integrity; essay question "Member ownership, volunteer leadership and excellent personal service set credit unions apart from other financial institutions. Which of these three distinctions do you feel is the most important and why?

36. Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship - Deadline December 31
The Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship is open to all students, of all ages, and can be used towards college or university at the undergraduate or graduate level!
Read all about best selling authors Gen and Kelly Tanabe here– they both graduated from Harvard debt free!  The application can be accessed here.
All eligible applicants must be:
9th-12th grade high school, college, or graduate student, including adult students.
Legal resident of the U.S.
Currently in school or planning to start school within the next 12 months.

This scholarship is completely merit-based so financial-need is not something that is considered by the scholarship committee.  Additionally, test scores, transcripts, any past academic performance will not be considered.  What will be considered you may ask?  The essay.  The goal of this opportunity is to offer a level playing field for students, which is why the essay is the only consideration.

The essay should be short (250 words or less) and should answer one of the following questions:
Why do you deserve to win this scholarship?
Describe your academic or career goals.
Pick your own topic.

The first place award is a $1,000 scholarship.