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Pleasanton Public School is a Class D school located 20 miles north of Kearney.  The Pleasanton patrons generously buy gabapentin 100mg passed a school bond in 2013 giving the community and students a beautiful new school.

Through cooperation of students, staff, family and community our mission is to offer everyone educational opportunities to excel and become responsible citizens in an ever-changing world.

January 14th JH Basketball Tournament
$3.00 Admission - No passes accepted

Junior/Senior High
Test Retake and Missing Assignment Grading Protocol:

For this semester we have developed a unified plan on test retakes and due dates for all missing assignments. This was done to create consistency throughout the school from classroom to classroom for the Junior and Senior High school students and teachers.

For test retakes, students will be granted one test retake per quarter per class, the higher of the two test grades will be recorded as their test score.

Any missing assignments or redo’s on homework, quizzes, etc… will be due at the beginning of class the day of the corresponding unit or chapter test covering that assigned material. Any of those corresponding assignments turned in after the test has been given will receive a zero.

This plan was developed to better severe and prepare our students for their future by assisting them to become more responsible and to be more accountable for their own education.


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The Circle of Friends organization, a student support group at Pleasanton Public Schools, is holding a quilt raffle to raise money.  The quilt being raffled was designed and created by Junior Sarah Lucht.

Cash only A’ la carte Items Added to Lunch Menu

Last year as the result of two generous donations from area farmers we were able to begin the Beef to School program at Pleasanton Public Schools.  Having local beef on the menu was very well received by the students and may also have some tax advantages for those who donate.