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Pleasanton Public School will be destroying all Special Education records from the 2014-2015 school year on June 11, 2020.  Please notify the school by calling 308-388-2041 before June 10, 2020 if you would like the file that belongs to you or your child.  All remaining Special Education files from that school year will be properly destroyed on June 11, 2020.

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Nurse Presentation for new students

For the individuals that sent pictures in to help contribute to this video, Thank you!

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Coronavirus Support and Information for our Students: 



2018-2019 Annual School Report

Records Project

This spring the Pleasanton Bulldogs will be working on a project to create record boards for the following activities boys/girls basketball, football, golf, track and field, volleyball, wrestling, and for anyone that received a “27” or higher on their ACT.  But in order to complete this project we need your help.

If you believe you have a record or know of someone that has a record please bring in any evidence to prove your claim to Pleasanton Public Schools. Examples of evidence would be dated newspaper articles, old scorebooks, dated pictures.  Unfortunately we will not be able to use word of mouth as a source it must be documented. If you or someone you know scored a “27” or higher on the ACT please contact Pleasanton Public Schools and we will look in the student records to confirm. We are hoping to have these record boards completed over the summer. 

Please send all information to Pleasanton Public Schools by May 8, 2020. If you have any questions please contact Casey Loomis at Pleasanton Public Schools. Thank you and GO BULLDOGS!!!!




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